Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy 23rd Birthday Joe!

First Song is Happy Birthday from a Belgium Artist- Thank you Sony it is beautiful!
Sony does not have have mp3's in stores. Become a patron like I did if you like his music Happy Birthday -A cappella multitrack- in the style of *NSYNC by Sonny Vande Putte

Second Song is L'dor Vador by Six13

Third Song is Uf Gozal
עוף גוזל
הגוזלים שלי עזבו את הקן
פרשו כנפיים ועפו
ואני ציפור זקנה נשארתי בקן
מקווה מאוד שהכל יהיה בסדר

Uf-Gozal by Glida
UF GOZAL-Hagozalim sheli azvu et haken
                   parsu knafayim ve'afu
                   Va'ani tzipor zkena nisharti baken
FLY AWAY YOUNG CHICK -My chicks left the nest
                                             spread their wings and flew away
                                             I am an old bird left in the nest

Fourth Song is

Fifth song is only a partial clip from the beginning of song

Count On Me by Bruno Mars

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