Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Family

I read a quote from Ben Silliman and adjusted it to fit our family.

Our family has always shown remarkable resilience. We have not been able to change the direction or velocity of the wind. I want to thank my Dad for showing us how to adjust our sails. We have adjusted to natural, economic, and social challenges. We have suffered the loss of a family member. Sruti left us before we were ready to let her go. We miss you Sruti! Our strengths resemble the elasticity of a spider web, a gull's skillful flow with the wind, the regenerating power of perennial grasses, the cooperation of an ant colony, and the persistence of a stream carving canyon rocks. Our strength is not that of a fixed monument or solid rock but that of the human condition, vital, flowing, alive and energized. Our resilience is not measured by wealth, muscle or efficiency but by love, creativity, unity and hope. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. Words do not do justice for what I feel inside. I am not able to express how much I love you all, how much you mean and have meant in my life. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for sharing this journey of life with me!
All my Love,

I finally gave the web address out to my family. I hope they do not feel obligated to read it. I was completely overwhelmed and grateful for the responses from my Dad and brother.

I cried so hard when I read the mail from my Dad. Part of it read, "A Memory" completely overwhelmed me. You capture the scene so perfectly, and I am touched by how well you remember those wonderful times. With tears in my eyes I went over to Carolyn and said, "I have just received one of the most beautiful gifts of my life."

Now isn't that just like my Dad. He thought a post I wrote was one of the most beautiful gifts of his life. So he turns around and sends me an e-mail that is one of the most beautiful gifts of my life.

I need to move away from that touching moment and tell you about the mail from my eldest brother. I was very fortunate not to have taken that sip of coffee as I opened his mail. It would have shot out my nose! I have to edit here a little: "Cool Blog! I really liked "We Survived." I remember walking down our street with a friend and we were both openly carrying loaded .22 rifles and it was no big deal. My God we would be arrested if we did that today!...." I wish I could have added that in the "We Survived" post. That was priceless.

I gave the site to my husband and son. I told them they did not need to read it. Well, err, umm, they are reading it too...

Out of the blue Joe said "Thanks Mom, I Love you." I asked him what he was thanking me for and he replied "I read the Northwood Drama Department Post." I gave him a big hug. I didn't even know he had been reading my blog. Joe wanted to write a blog! I started him on his blog and he already knows more than I do.

I am overwhelmed from the responses to my blog. This project is something that I took on for myself. I entered the blog world when a person I knew directed me to his website. When I finished reading his entire blog I began reading the blogs that were linked to his site. Of course those blogs had links to other blogs, and you get the picture. I left comments on the posts that made me laugh, cry, or were interesting. A friend encouraged me to join the blog world. I baulked at the idea for a long time. I am not confident in my ability to write. My Dad can write! Is it possible that he passed me a writing gene? I still have my doubts.

I feel a deep need to express my gratitude. Keeping it inside is like sitting here with a gift that y'all have given me and not sending a thank you card. I want to thank my friends who encouraged me. I want to thank my friends who are reading me. You have touched my life in a wonderful way. I am honored that you have welcomed me so warmly into this world of blogging. Thank you for the mail and your comments.

Friday, June 09, 2006


“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”~ James Taylor

James Taylor was born in Boston Massachusetts on March 12, 1948. He is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He began his career in the mid-1960’s, but he found his audience in the early 1970’s. He sings sensitive and gentle acoustic songs. He was part of a wave of soft singer songwriters of the time that also included Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Jackson Browne and Carly Simon. He later married Carly Simon.

He is one of my favorite musicians . His Greatest Hits album from 1976 went diamond and sold more than 11 million copies.

I have many videos on my computer that I am not able to upload to my blog. I did find them elsewhere on the web. People have been uploading video to a site that I found. If your computer is slow or you have a slow connection just push the pause button on the player until the light grey line moves from the left to the right and almost to the end. Then click play and you can watch and listen without interuption.

This video is not very clear. It is evident how much fun James and Carly are having singing this song together. She is barefoot and bopping around the stage and James makes some faces and dances too. Carly Simon and James Taylor perform “Mockingbird”.

I also have an unreleased holiday song that is not on his latest CD. The song is called River and was written by Joni Mitchell. This clip is audio only.

JT teamed up with Alison and they made a music video. The link will take you to the James Taylor and Alison Krauss music video called "How's the World Treating You "

Some music on my current play list include Nickel Creek, Alison Krauss, Anna Nalick, Doc Watson, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Sara McLaughlin, Jackson Browne, Seals and Crofts, Jim Croce, Jimmy Buffet, Don Williams, Tim McGraw, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, The Righteous Brothers, Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney, Norman Greenbaum, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Roger Miller, Lynard Skynard, Garth Brooks, John Lee Hooker, Beatles, Three Dog Night, John Valby, Bob Seeger, Dr. Hook,Eyal Golan, Adriano Celentano,Garou, Daniel Lavoie, Claudio Baglioni, Lior Narkis & Shlomi Shabat, and John Lennon.

My First Thursday Thirteen

"A writer writes not because he is educated but because he is driven by the need to communicate. Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood." ~ Leo Rosten

13 of my favorite UK slang words

1. absobloodylutely (Adv. Absolutely)

2. bollocks (Noun. 1. Testicles 2. Rubbish, nonsense, drivel) (Exclaim. An expression of anger, frustration, or defiance.)

3. cheeky chappy (Noun. Affectionate name for an attractively impudent person, one who may make one readily smile.)

4. dimmock (Noun. An imbecile, and idiot)

5. earwig (Verb. To listen into a conversation not meant for one’s ears.)

6. face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle ( Phrase: Very unattractive)

7. gubbins (Noun. Miscellaneous items e.g. “The inside of the television was full of gubbins, so I left the expert to fix it.”)

8. have a bog on (Phrase. In a bad mood, angry.)

9. jiggered (Adj. 1. Confounded. 2. Worn out, exhausted.)

10. mozzy (Noun. Mosquito)

11. pogged (Adj. sated, full from eating food.)

12. ronk (Noun. A bad smell) (Verb. To smell badly. E.g. “Hold yer nose when you go in the men’s room, it ronks in there.”)

13. sod off (Verb. Go away, leave. Usually in the imperative E.g. “If he doesn’t sod off in the next few minutes I’m going to hit him.”)

Tally-ho (cheerful parting salutation, goodbye)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

President Bush

"I fully understand the effects of gasoline price raises on people who are working. It's like a tax. Every time it goes up at the pump, people are like paying a tax."
North Carolina, Apr. 6, 2006~George W. Bush

David Letterman: "President Bush is now being accused of leaking classified information. I was stunned. I was shocked. I said to myself, 'Wait, they let this guy see classified information.'"

Jay Leno: "President Bush says America has caused an incredible transformation in Afghanistan. He said everything's being rebuilt, people are getting jobs, kids are going back to school. He said it works so well that he's thinking of trying it in New Orleans."

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; it's conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?

Bush slip ups, this is very funny!

Frank Caliendo ,President Bush Imitations. Frank is Hilarious!


A Memory

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. -- Author unknown

One of my greatest memories is of water skiing. Some of my moments are so memorable. I can see, hear and feel these moments. The clarity is unreal; it feels as though it was yesterday. I find the passage of time incredible. How is it that those moments that took my breath away are etched so vividly in my memory? Some of these special memories or moments took place more than 30 years ago. I can see it so clearly. I feel like I am there right now.

The boat was a powerful Sea Ray. She was an inboard/outboard. She was sleek and beautiful. She was fast. Her name was Tilakama. I have many memories and stories regarding her. She could be a lot of trouble. When she ran as she did on that particular day and many more to follow she was awesome. She brought happiness and joy to our family. Just don't ask Ralph Nader because he got a letter from her Captain, my Dad, which cited her many faults. When she wasn't running it was devastating. That says something about the amount of joy she provided. How could we feel so devastated and disappointed when she could not run?

The time was in the 1970's. The place was Avalon New Jersey. Tilakama was in a slip at our dock behind our summer home. The captain was getting her ready. Items we needed were stowed on board. We were going skiing! Our heading was the ICW, the Intercoastal Waterways, winding through the marsh grass. The air smelled of salt and marsh. The sun was shining the breeze was good. Excitement was in the air. The water was a little choppy that fine day.

We traveled to the area where we wanted to ski. I am not certain if a hat was lost on that particular day. This is where you laugh. The Intercoastal Waterway owns many of my father’s hats. I think they became wonderful homes for the blue crabs resting on the bottom. On rare occasions we caught them with the big aluminum boat hook. On most occasions those wonderful hats sank.

The Captain speaks: “Who wants to go first?" I did not volunteer. I wanted to watch my Dad ski. I hoped he would be first. I wanted to watch. I was the spotter, my favorite position aboard. My Dad, the captain, is going first! Wooohoooooo!

We had two ski ropes, one was a straight bar, the other had two handles and it looked like a giant yellow letter Y. Dad used the Y. I hooked the rope to the boat and let it out carefully making sure it did not catch in the motor as my Dad motored slowly ahead. The rope was out. The motor was shifted to neutral. My Dad pulled out his ski that was stowed inside along the port edge of the boat. He lifted the ski and headed to the stern. He tossed the ski into the water. It made a slap when it hit the water. The ski was heading toward the end of the rope on its own.

There was nothing timid regarding his departure from the boat to the water. He always made a big leap. As he was midair between the boat and the water he would yell:"Geronimo!" A huge splash rippled the water on entry sending water flying up into the air. He would swim swiftly out to his ski and the rope. He quickly put on his ski. He positioned his ski tip between that Y. Then he gave the ready sign. I am responsible to translate his wishes to Rachel. I holler: Ready! The boat pushed from still to fast quickly. My Dad is standing in seconds. I yell:” He’s up!" The first order of business is fixing the trunks. He transfered both handles to his left hand and with the right pulled the legs of his swimming trunks down. The handles then transfer to the right hand and the procedure is repeated. I can see his wonderful smile. A thumb goes up and I yell to Rachel faster! He made goofy faces. There is one that I call a motorboat face. I watch. In retrospect I do not believe I ever saw him give the thumb down sign to go slower. Look what my Dad can do!! He is great! My heart was pounding. I was so happy I was so proud. He cuts through the water. He moves from side to side crossing the wake with his motorboat face. Then he would slice the water with an edge of his ski and make this huge water wall fly in the air by his side. He is so graceful. He is so beautiful. The ski made a slapping sound over the ripples in the water. He took the shock in his legs. He has perfect form. I make a huge circle with my arm up, index finger in the air, to let him know we are turning around. We are making a counterclockwise turn. As we are beginning the turn my Dad moves from the port side of the boat across the wake to the starboard side in the turn. Here he comes! He is going to pass the boat! He lifts the rope high into the air pulling the Y apart. This takes up the slack and the boat again takes the lead. When we reached the position where we started I waited with anticipation. Will he go again or will he quit? I waited for him to raise his arm and make a circle to inform me he wanted to make another run. I wanted to watch him ski forever. I loved when he wanted to make another round. When he was finished his hand moved across his neck and that was the cut sign. That meant he was done. After I received the cut signal I yelled to Rachel: "He's done!" The boat slowed down; he would fling the rope and raise his arms high above his head. He would glide, arms up the whole time, standing as long as he could, slowing, gliding, graceful, down into the water. We would circle the boat around to pick him up and as he was climbing the ladder his smile, his joy, his happiness was palpable. What a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

In time I learned to slalom also and I could see the pride in his radiant face and the mist in his beautiful eyes. He was proud of me too!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Find your linguistic profile

Where flowers bloom so does hope. ~ Lady Bird Johnson

Raggedy's Linguistic Profile::
30% General American English
25% Dixie
25% Yankee
15% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday June 4, 2006

God of our life, there are days when the burdens we carry chafe our shoulders and weigh us down; when the road seems dreary and endless, the skies grey and threatening; when our lives have no music in them, and our hearts are lonely, and our souls have lost their courage. Flood the path with light, run our eyes to where the skies are full of promise; tune our hearts to brave music; give us the sense of comradeship with heroes and saints of every age; and so quicken our spirits that we may be able to encourage the souls of all who journey with us on the road of life, to Your honor and glory. ~Augustine

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