Monday, May 08, 2006

Calvary Recital

“Music is the universal language of mankind”~Longfellow

The pictures I took while Joe was playing in the recital were too bright. We had him sit for a picture when he was finished. He really did well. Awesome! I am very proud. Joe played the Gypsy Folk Dance by Mier. Joe dreams of owning a Baby Grand Piano. Joe says they are very responsive.

I feel honored and privileged to watch Joe play on the Grand Piano at concerts and the Baby Grand for his lessons at Linda’s house. The Grand Concert Piano has beauty and power. They have a quality of tone, clarity, and pitch consistency, not found in other pianos. I know he sounds like a concert pianist when he plays on them. We have a very nice Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano that never needs to be tuned. It can play songs by itself! Jaycee and I have enjoyed this feature.

Joe is thinking of continuing his music when he gets to college. I think that would be wonderful. Joe is starting in Jazz band next year on the piano. He wants to continue playing the trumpet in the regular band. Joe is a talented young man! I watched and listened to our son play and I was just amazed! WOW! Joe was great! Linda called when Joe was at Will’s house. She told me to pass on her compliments to Joe and those she heard during and after the recital. Good work Joe! Below is a photograph of the teachers and the students that played for this recital. It was a great recital!

We went to Perkins after the recital and had dinner. Joe had his usual captain’s catch, Larry had a deli ham and lots a cheese omelet with pancakes, Jaycee had a grilled cheese and fruit, and I had a waffle with eggs, sausage, and bacon. We stopped by TSC and picked up some seeds for the garden. We arrived home, put stuff away, and changed into casual wear. Joe mowed the yard and went to visit his friend Will. Larry helped Jaycee ride her new bike while I walked Teddy. We made our final decision on where to put the garden. I brought Jaycee and Teddy back inside. Larry used Casey, the loader, and the rotatiller to get the garden ready. As soon as Larry came in the rain hit with thunder and lighting, a real downpour!

Sunday was a wonderful day!

Joe is on a Baseball team. We are going to the game soon. I will try and have pictures of Joe playing ball for tomorrows post.


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